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Burchiello and Burcio boats of the Brenta

"A cruise to discover the Venetian Villas".

Each year from the end of March until the beginning of November, the Burchiello cruises down the Riviera from Padua or from Venice, on alternate days.

This excursion is rich in history, culture, art and nature. Along the river, the Burchiello stops at the three most important villas: Villa Pisani, Barchessa Valmarana and Villa Foscari "Malcontenta"; after the visit to the second villa, it stops near Mira at the famous "Il Burchiello" restaurant, to allow its guests to try the best in local cuisine, for a most pleasant and relaxing break.

The excursion finishes with an enjoyable run across the lagoon, to end at Venice's St Mark's Square.

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