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The Brenta Riviera is a group of villages and green areas lying along the ancient bed of the river that joins Padua and Venice.

The ideal mainland extension to Venice, considered almost one of the quarters of the City on the Lagoon, the golden era of the Brenta Riviera ran from the 16th until the 18th century, during which time it became an elite holiday resort for the rich and noble families of Venice.

Rich in the events of this era and its people, the Brenta Riviera is still marked today by the flowering gardens of these noble residences, with villas open to the public, statue-decorated water features, and weeping willows lapping in the currents of the river.

And to support this heritage, the local population with their tradition of hospitality, a culinary passion for fish, and dedication to crafts, particularly in the skilled art of footwear production.

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